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Meet Helena

City Councillor| Community Advocate|Small Business Owner| Mother of 2|Professional Athlete

Meet Helena Konanz. Her life is as vibrant and diverse as it gets. For eight years, she's been the go-to person at the city council, known for her hands-on approach and a knack for getting things done. But that's just one hat she wears in a collection of many.

Helena is not just a city councillor of 8 years; she's a mom to two amazing kids and the other half of a 30-year-strong duo with her husband, Adam. Her family life is full of energy and love, a foundation that's kept her grounded through all her adventures.

Before she stepped into the world of politics and community service, Helena was making waves on the tennis court. Tennis wasn't just a sport for her; it was a way of life that taught her about resilience, strategy, and teamwork.

After her winning tennis days, Helena dove into the world of entrepreneurship, bringing her champion mindset as a manager for Nike. She then ventured into Small Business Ownership. It's no small feat to juggle businesses, a political career, and family life, but Helena does it with energy and enthusiasm.  

But what truly sets Helena apart is her passion for her community. She's not just in politics for the sake of it; she's there because she genuinely cares. As a community advocate, she's always ready to listen, to stand up for what's right, and to lend a hand where it's needed.


In a nutshell, Helena Konanz is a whirlwind of energy, commitment, and heart. Whether she's in a council meeting, running her business, or winning Pickleball Tournaments, she brings her A-game, a warm smile, and a determination to make a difference. She's a former tennis champ, a dedicated public servant, a businesswoman, a mom, and so much more.

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