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My New blog-Welcome 2024!

Updated: Jan 20

Like many of you, I find it hard to believe 2023 is over. This year has gone by in a flash, and yet some very important issues have come up that have effected this city tremendously. Lack of appropriate housing, homelessness, mental illness, crime, provincial overreach, federal and provincial downloading-the list goes on and on. In the past few years our city has changed tremendously because of these very serious concerns.

Why am I starting this blog?

To give you, the people of this city, another avenue to access information on the tremendous amount of issues effecting this city. As a councillor I would like to present an alternative to traditional and social media to those who want to know what I am currently focused on, and why I vote the way I do, keeping in mind the health and welfare of the people of Penticton in mind with every vote.

With that, my first message to you is to send you and your families a Happy New Year and to look forward to a bright and positive 2024!



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