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How can schools be closing in PEnticton and bursting at the seams in Kelowna?

According to an announcement made this week by the school board, 2 elementary schools in Penticton could soon be closing their doors for good. This while Kelowna is set to spend millions to build new schools. How is it that Penticton could grow by a surprising 9% according to the last census and yet be shrinking when it comes to young families? It's no surprise that the senior population (a majority moving here from the lower mainland) is growing at a rapid rate, yet our youth population is dwindling. The tough part about this is that means what is also dwindling is our much needed workforce. This is why I will be supporting many of the developments that make sense when they come before council, and will be encouraging more housing; in particular the much needed purpose built rentals we are so sorely lacking in here in Penticton.


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