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The Latest on Short Term Rentals

Most of you have heard about the sweeping new policies set in motion by the province concerning short term rentals (STRs) in BC. Provincial representatives believe shutting down this industry could open up housing opportunities in municipalities. It is true there are those who have taken advantage of this industry by owning multiple STRs. But there are many who rent out one or two units to help cover their mortgage payments or help fund their retirement. And STRs are a vital addition to our accommodation sector during festivals and sporting events such as Ironman and Peach Festival.

As I mentioned in the last council meeting, all communities are not alike and the province cannot treat Penticton the same as it does other cities such as Prince George, Chilliwack or Trail. We are unique with very special needs when it comes to tourism.

This is why I brought forward, and council supported the following motion during the January 16th Council meeting:

THAT Council directs staff to send a letter to the Province requesting further consideration of Penticton’s unique economy and the role that short-term rentals play in supporting our tourism industry.

Council supported sending a letter to provincial representatives asking that our community be considered in a different category of communities. One that might consider restricting Penticton landowners to strs in their primary residence, plus one alternate property, or allow strs in specific areas of the city. Along with this letter council is asking provincial authorities to meet to discuss these proposals next month while attending the UBCM Housing Forum. I'll keep you up to date on STRs in Penticton as new information comes forward.


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